Washington Women Lawyers Rate Tessandore “Well Qualified”

The State Judicial Evaluation Committee of Washington Women Lawyers, after careful vetting and interview, issued a “Well Qualified” rating for Rico Tessandore on October 6, 2016. Tessandore is the only candidate in this race to seek evaluations from minority groups and independent non-partisan judicial evaluation committees. A side-by-side comparison can be found at a non-partisan … READ MORE

Rico Tessandore rated Number 1 in Bar Poll!

Thank you to the attorneys of Snohomish County for the #1 ranking in the bar poll! It’s great to have the support of both Republicans and Democrats Labor and Business Endorsed by more judges and now this #1 ranking.

Primary Ballots Are Here!

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4th of July Edmonds Parade A Huge Success!

A heartfelt thanks to all our supporters who came to walk with Rico! We were so proud of our big crowd, filled with enthusiastic and energetic Edmonds voters. It was great to see our supporter Mayor Dave Earling of Edmonds and many many supporters and endorsers along the parade route!